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Sushi Bar Appetizers

1. Yellowtail Jalapeno 12.00
2. Tuna Tartar
Chunked tuna, avocado mixed w. lightly sauce, topped w. green tobiko and quail egg
3. Salmon Pizza
Baked tortilla topped w. salmon, avocado mixed, cilantro, jalapeno, tomato, onion, scallion, spicy mayo
(Tuna pizza add $2)
4. Holo Jalapeno
Jalapeno stuffed w. spicy tuna and cream cheese fried extra crispy and topped w. chef's special sauce
5. Tuna Mango Salsa
Seared tuna, topped with mango salsa ponzu sauce
6. Tuna Dumpling
Deep fried tuna dumplings w. guacamole, jalapeno & spicy sweet mayo